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Are you a glass half-full, or a half-empty type of person? You can hear Elaine Fox talk about the science of Optimism and Pessimism at a number of events in the UK.

Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival (24th March)

Pioneering psychologist and neuroscientist Professor Elaine Fox explores why some of us are optimists and some pessimists and what we can do about it.


Essex Book Festival (19th March)

Leading psychologist and neuroscientist, Professor Elaine Fox from the University of Essex shows how we can brighten our lives and help ourselves flourish by retraining our brains, in her highly popular new book.


Bath Literary Festival (2nd March)

Charles Fernyhough and Elaine Fox use genetics, neurology, and psychology to discuss memory and optimism.


Brighton Science Festival, Catalyst Club (28th February)

How full is that glass? And does it matter? Elaine Fox explores the connection between optimism and happiness, and shows the new techniques for training happiness into the brain.


Sceptics in the Pub, Oxford (6th February)

Thinking and drinking. That is the unlikely goal of Sceptics in the Pub. Each month a speaker is invited to talk about an area of belief and to invite critical debate. Sceptical though, challenging discussions and humour are encouraged!

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Café Scientifique in The Minories, Colchester (9th  January)

What makes us happy or sad and how we can brighten our lives by retraining our brains will be discussed at the latest Café Scientifique talk in Colchester.