Rainy Brain Sunny Brain Japan

Lecture Series on Japanese TV

Following a well-received appearance on a Nippon TV programme “Another Sky” with DaiGo The Mentalist, Elaine will be presenting a series of lectures for the Hakunetsu Kyoshitsu (Heated Classroom) programme on Japanese Public Broadcaster NHK. The programme will be based on Elaine’s book Rainy Brain Sunny Brain and the first lecture broadcasts on 24th July. There will be 4 lectures in all.

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BBC Horizon Documentary – The Truth about Personality

Elaine’s work is featured in a BBC Horizon Documentary The Truth about Personality presented by Michael Mosley and first broadcast in the summer of 2013.

Michael Mosley explores the latest science about how our personalities are created – and whether they can be changed.

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Despite appearances, Mosley is a pessimist who constantly frets about the future. He wants to worry less and become more of an optimist.

He tries out two techniques to change this aspect of his personality – with surprising results.

And he travels to the frontiers of genetics and neuroscience to find out about the forces that shape all our personalities.

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Ireland AM

Dublin book tour

Elaine recently took a book tour of her hometown Dublin. She was interviewed on The John Murray Show on RTE Radio and also appeared on The Ray Darcy Show on Today FM. Elaine also made a guest appearance on Ireland AM with Sinead Desmond and Mark Cagney and was such a success that the local bookshops sold out of Rainy Brain Sunny Brain!

You can find further details of her radio and television interviews and watch Elaine’s appearance on Ireland AM in the Media section.