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Michael J. Fox and Professor Elaine Fox

Incurable Optimist Michael J. Fox on Rainy Brain Sunny Brain

Actor and famous optimist Micheal J. Fox offers the following thoughts on Rainy Brain Sunny Brain. “Every day I send my kids out the door to school with this admonition, “you can choose to be happy.” More often than not, they roll their eyes, but in Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain Elaine Fox (no relation) offers a scientific argument for my contention. After much research, and in comprehensive, but comprehensible detail, Professor Fox provides a mental map to the sunny side of the street. For optimists and pessimists alike, this fascinating book is a must read, (and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it).”

In 2009, Elaine Fox flew to New York to take part in ABC TV programme ‘The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist’ with Micheal J. Fox to explore the nature of optimism and its transformative power.

As part of the programme Professor Fox was asked to test the actor, renowned for maintaining an optimistic outlook despite a long-term battle with Parkinson’s Disease, to see whether he had the so-called ‘happy gene’ identified by the research.

Professor Fox said: ‘It was fantastic to take part in the programme which attracted 10.6 million viewers and did indeed show that Michael had the variation of the gene which we have shown is linked to a tendency to look on the bright side of life. The interest from the media and the wider public in this work has been fantastic as I think it’s crucial to try to use these opportunities to communicate research as widely as possible.’